If you get a brand new cloud plan, it is generated on a server and the process normally takes some time, including the validation and processing of your fee, which many companies make manually. When you order a dedicated server, for instance, the setup takes even longer as the machine must be built, set up and tested to make sure that it'll work effectively. That's why, various providers have a one-time charge in order to cover the time and efforts devoted to your brand new account. The cost, which sometimes is quite high, is generally not displayed on the front page, still you will see it on your checkout or payment page, therefore you won't be familiar with it before you have already completed the whole signup process and you may even miss it if you do not pay attention.
Setup Fee in Cloud Hosting
When you purchase a cloud hosting plan through our company, you'll never need to pay any setup fees. For that matter, we don't have other concealed charges of any sort either. We value each and every client and it is our belief that if you acquire any plan through us, you shouldn't pay something more than the fee for your web hosting package. You won't find any sort of concealed charges before or after your order, which will show you that we are a dependable and legitimate provider. The price of your brand new shared hosting package will be the same all around on our web site - the main page, the order and payment pages. As we supply instant account activation, you will not need to wait for hours or even days to be able to begin creating your web site.
Setup Fee in Semi-dedicated Servers
All of our semi-dedicated server plans are activated instantly and without any additional setup fees. The worth that you will pay on signup is identical to what you will pay to renew your website hosting account the following months and the price that you will see both on our home page & on your bank statement. In the event that you already have a regular shared hosting plan from our company and you're getting a semi-dedicated server so as to get extra power, we will relocate all of your content and we will still not charge you a dime on top of the ordinary monthly charge for your brand new package. Since the process is nearly entirely automated, we believe that there would be no reason to charge you an extra amount of dollars, so the cost that you see on our web site is the total that you'll have to pay.
Setup Fee in Dedicated Servers
When you acquire a dedicated server from us, all you will have to pay will be the regular monthly price for your plan. We shall put together the hardware configuration that you have selected throughout the signup, we'll install an OS, web server, website hosting Control Panel as well as all the other software that is featured with our packages, then test the equipment, but we will never require that you pay anything additional for this. The cost of the dedicated server you pick will be the same - on the main page, on the order page and throughout the payment process, and there will be no concealed charges of any type. When you obtain a dedicated server having our Hepsia control panel and you already have a shared hosting account from our company, we will move all your data - again free of charge.