Our mummy said we are 2 smart cats because we knew how to seek help when we were almost facing death, and that we had good instincts to choose our human daddy to take care of us. Please read on while mummy tells you what happened to us when we were young.


Soxy the cat

Soxy The CatOn a late November night back in 2000, my partner saw a grey scrawny cat limping on the side of the road near the local soccer field, so he stopped the car and went to see if it was hurt. She had an injury on one of her legs, she was very cold, and it seemed that she had also been burnt, as part of her whiskers and eyebrows were curly and yellowish. She was also quite weak, but we didn't realised how bad her condition was untill we took her to the vet the next day.



Lance the catLance (Lancelot) the cat

Lance also came to us at end of November, but later in 2007. It was a cold night and raining heavily, my better-half was walking home from a night out when he noticed a young black cat meowing his head off under a bridge, about three blocks from our house. He stopped to take a look at the kitten, and guess what, this little kitten decided to follow him home; all the way through rain puddles and strong wind. When they arrived at our door, the little black and white kitten rushed in and went straight to the kitchen and ate from the bowl of Soxy. He seemed not to have eaten for a number of days and was starving. It was a bit strange, because he seemed to know where everything was in our house.

The vet said Lance was about one year old when he came to us. He was "all right" health-wise, but had diarrhoea due to scavenging. Unfortunately, he also had a very bad eating habit, due to fact that he had been starving. He gulped down everything in record time whenever he sees food. There was no stopping him.

The first few months were extremely difficult for us and especially for Soxy. Sox was losing her food the days we were not home. She was loosing weight fast, while Lance was gaining weight even faster.


2smartcats fightingIt took a lot of training and patience, but we finally trained Lance to eat "normally" and that it is OK to leave the food for a returned meal. He is doing well today, but needs to be reminded from time to time as his basic instincts for food seems to kick in. He has grown to be a big, strong and healthy cat. Lance has a very playful but a bit of a naughty character.

He is very much used to roaming the streets in our neighbourhood until he had a very serious car accident last winter. Now we all go on outtings supervised.